Now is the time to welcome a new blockchain project, 2local®, which is developing its own decentralized ultra-fast blockchain and offers an excellent vision to use the richness of the blockchain to achieve sustainability and prosperity for all.

Many investors are not aware that most cryptocurrencies are just smart contracts on Ethereum that are only used for Initial Exchange Offering (IEO) crowdfunding’s. The exchange rate of these cryptocurrencies is usually artificially increased high when they are listed and then they are sold in large quantities by team members and those who were paid with these cryptocurrencies during the development phase…

2local reached another milestone on their roadmap towards creating an eco-friendly marketplace with a mission for prosperity for all, including largely neglected local companies. Many milestones have already been reached, and many more will be in the upcoming months. The most recent achievement is a piece of exciting news for all traders who search for new crypto pairs to invest in and day trade. 2Local have listed their token 2LC on the innovative and fast-growing crypto exchange Bitrue. From the 1st of June, all crypto fans and traders can start trading 2 pairs with 2LC; 2LC/USDT and 2LC/BTC.

What is 2local, and how it differs from the rest?

2local is…

July 4th AMA



At LATOKEN with had a discussion about $1M of tokens but it is settled and going live next week.

ExMarkets we have the green light for listing after integration of our tokens to their platform.

P2PB2B also seems to have a go.

So hopefully these 3 next week.

As you we hope to list asap but we rely on the exchanges.


Because of the much FUD in our community a lot of users dumped their tokens.

Someone smart and maybe he/she started the FUD bought all these cheap tokens.

We encounter the ‘social contact’ several times in history. Socrates and Plato already paid attention to society and the place of man/woman in society in ancient Greece. For a long time, after Socrates and Plato, little or no attention was paid to this. In the 17th and 18th centuries, the idea of ​​the ‘social contract’, in which the individual and his place in society are central, is again addressed by Thomas Hobbes, John Locke and Jean-Jacques Rousseau. For these authors, the social contract was the thought construct from which the ideal state model was designed. These thoights were practically forgotten…

Six years after the publication of ‘Local Food for Global Future’, the book has lost none of its topical value. In addition to thoughts about cashback as a light form of basic income and blockchain technology, the book has played a major role in the development of the 2local platform. That’s why this blog is devoted to refresh the highlights of the book.

Book information: ‘Local food for Global Future, Classification, governance and knowledge for sustainbale food security’. Publisher: Scholars’ Press/ OmniScriptum GmbH & Co. KG, Saarbrücken. The book is available in various web-shops and at:


The key points mentioned by the CEO Mr. Antony in the video AMA are as follows :

1/ The listing on Bitrue exchange on the 1st of June.

2/ 2local platform will be converted from L2L stellar based to 2LC BEP20.

It will be deployed on the 1st of June and the private key will be available as well.

3/ The transfer fees and the profit from the rising exchange rate will be added to the cashback system.

2local Yield Farming and Staking Pools are other sources to generate the cashback.

4/ The current circulating supply (2.5 Billion in total)…

The only true and sustainable prosperity is shared prosperity, and this latter is the one that applies to the 2local loyalty platform.

2local encourages sustainable and local-to-local active companies, while they could become linked Companies.

2local users can utilize the MarketPlace option by using the 2local Android and iOS App to participate with these enterprises and benefit from the 2local cashback system.

People who purchase goods from 2local connected companies would receive a cashback reward once a month.

The transfer fees and the profit from the rising exchange rate will be added to the cashback system.

2local Yield Farming and Staking Pools are other sources to generate the cashback.

2local doesn’t profit from its users but creates value with them.

While Yield Farming focuses on gaining the highest yield (2LC) possible, staking concentrates on helping 2local network to stay secure while earning high rewards at the same time.

We are currently overwhelmed by various crises, inequality and the gap between rich and poor is getting bigger, health crisis due to obesity in the rich world as a result of poor nutrition, and due to hunger in the poor world as a result of lack of nutrition. Overproduction and overconsumption in the rich world at the expense of exhaustible resources and ecosystems in the poor world. Pollution of the environment with industrial waste, plastics, medicine residues and other indigestible substances. We are dealing with a rapid decline in the world’s species diversity and a draconian decline in biodiversity. Climate…

At a time like now when a small virus has taken over the lives of all the world, the existence of a platform that can help open things up and meet the needs of humanity is felt more than ever.

We are now dealing with a pandemic that has affected many of our daily activities.

2local By providing a professional and advanced platform, it has implemented a system that everyone can easily meet their needs and do their work with high speed and accuracy.

Speed, accuracy and ease of doing things are words that can only be truly felt on…

2local, an eco-conscious fintech company from the Netherlands, is about to launch an innovative Blockchain-2.0 powered DeFi Exchange of the same name. Created of the people, by the people, for the people is a slogan that best identifies the mission of 2local. It is built to come up with innovative solutions and apply them to non-profit goals — to contribute to eradicating global poverty and hunger, solve environmental and climate problems. The most recent product — DeFi Exchange — is another step to fulfilling the mission.

More about 2 local

2local is happy to contribute to the growth of a…


2local is building a loyalty platform to be the first to give the wealth of the blockchain back to the people who use the 2local coin (L2L).

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