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Now is the time to welcome a new blockchain project, 2local®, which is developing its own decentralized ultra-fast blockchain and offers an excellent vision to use the richness of the blockchain to achieve sustainability and prosperity for all.

Many investors are not aware that most cryptocurrencies are just smart contracts on Ethereum that are only used for Initial Exchange Offering (IEO) crowdfunding’s. The exchange rate of these cryptocurrencies is usually artificially increased high when they are listed and then they are sold in large quantities by team members and those who were paid with these cryptocurrencies during the development phase. …

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For the people by the people of the people.This is how 2local started.

Our company was founded in 2018 as DCrypto and then renamed in 2019 to 2local.we start working at DCrypto from July 2017.

2local created by a man who was tired from the Inefficient financial systems and existing banking scams. He decided to end their domination with the help of his friends and start a new path. With a lot of effort, they were able to come up with a plan to create a new system with a win-win plan, instead of the old win-lose system that is still found in all financial systems.2local is a financial ecosystem that, in addition to improving the quality of life of people in the financial field, strives to take a new step in the global economy teach everyone for the first time in history that no one has to be a loser in order for us to win. …

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once in a while there are some Rare opportunities in life that try to help humans to improve their lifestyle.Special situations that, if used properly, can transform people’s personal and social lives. As you know, the most important difference between successful and unsuccessful people can be summarized in only two cases, and that is nothing but the power to choose and use situations in a timely manner.Using a method constantly and expecting a different result in today’s world is wrong and takes time away from you because a person’s most valuable asset is his time. It is better to use the experience of successful people in important life issues and implement it than Want to experience it for yourself.Because every action has a reaction and Continuing on the wrong path will only lead to ruin. One cannot expect economic opening and progress, but do not do things differently.Experiencing experiences is just a waste of our precious time. …

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One of the factors influencing the success of a system or group is the people who work as a team in that set. In a team, each person takes on a corner of the work and moves forward step by step, which after a while, these small steps make great progress. The greatest success by taking the first step It happens In other words ask to be given.2local From the beginning of its formation, considering the presentation of an international system and the pervasiveness of trade in the world, and of course the practical presentation of a new experience with new solutions for a new lifestyle and business on the Internet and digital currencies, it has employed these peoples.

2local By employing professionals in various fields, from responsible admins in social networks to the economic team that works behind the scenes, day by day, it hinders the progress of the project and satisfies the demands of its customers.

By providing useful and practical contents in different languages from Eastern Asia to western Asia from Europe to African peoples and other parts of the world on different social networks, because all is important to us. the 2local team tries to communicate as much as possible and deliver the latest news and updates, so that while informing its audience in an instant, the communication is more comprehensive and colorful than ever have. …

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Given that our goal is to become a global business and a strong financial system, we are trying to provide better access for our customers in the field of 2local globalization by holding a new IEO in Exmarket exchange.
This event will start on December 8, 2020 and will continue until January 10, 2021.One of the greatest things about this exchange is that you don’t need to do means no matter where you live you don’t need any authentication to buy L2L tokens.You are all welcome to Join. We would appreciate your supports.The mission of 2local is to create a secure economic and social justice platform so that everyone can experience life under a common flag with social welfare. In this pre-sale, support us in introducing 2local as much as possible in the global arena and also enjoy its benefits. Because as you know 2local of the people by the people for the people.In our new pre-sale round at Exmarket, you can buy L2L tokens with BTC, ETH, XLM and USDT. …

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as a reminder, we all experience the world around us differently. It’s part of what makes us unique as people. We also have the power to recognize and shift our perspectives and perception with intention and new information. It’s part of our superpower as humans.
Have empathy for how others experience the world. Challenge yourself to be brave and really track what you are actually focusing on with your thoughts and actions. You will always find more of what you are looking for.
Imagine economy is a person and one day he will come to you and say know that the next time we meet it will not end well.!!! …

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Our market system has shortcomings. Regional governments / democracies cannot cope with internationally operating companies. Moreover, international banks cannot be tackled by national governments. The international intertwining of governments, international banks and multinationals means that inequality continues to exist worldwide and irreparable environmental and climate damage is caused worldwide. That is a major shortcoming of our economic system. In my Blog “Get started!” I explained that we can break through this so-called COMBI-Complex, i.e. the Complex of gOvernments, Multinationals, and Banks that operate Internationally, with cryptocurrencies of 2local and a cashback for local and sustainable products. In this Blog I will discuss our deficient money system and show that 2local cryptocurrencies are an alternative to this and that multinationals are put on sidelines by the 2local cashback system that stimulates local and sustainable initiatives. Governments will also see the benefits of this innovative cryptocurrency system..

Our monetary System shows a lot of failures. Money creation is done by private companies, namely by the banks. Money is created by making debts. Banks determine who will initially receive this money for what and under what conditions. They then tax it with interest. Debts must be repaid and interest must be paid on top of that. This is only possible with economic growth. The question is how long this can continue, given the pace at which we are exhausting the raw materials and consumables on Earth. To stop environmental pollution and climate change, we will also have to limit economic growth. In finite world, continuous economic growth cannot exist without crashes.
At the moment people are forced to deposit money with the commercial banks, with the result that they are at risk. Everyone who has money in the bank invests in banks, whether he / she wants it or not. This puts everyone who now has money in the bank at risk. In a bank run, the bank can go bankrupt..

Money creation is done by international commercial banks. This will irrevocably lead to two conflicts:
— conflict public — private; Banks are commercial institutions. The commercial banks want to make as much profit as possible and run great risks, for example by raising the total private debt far too high. These are now even higher than before the crisis. So, commercial parties are aimed at making a profit, while public interests are at stake. Money and payments, payment infrastructure, lending and financial stability, and monetary policy are a public task. Public interests are now managed by commercial institutions. That is inconsistent.
— conflict national — international; The banking sector has an oligopolistic position in the economy. The three largest banks currently own 75% of the financial sector. International banks have too much power, they cannot be called to order by national governments, which are responsible for public tasks. …

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2local is a new decentralized native coin on a new build ultrafast blockchain, which will be fully ERC-721 compatible for other projects to build their tokens on. 2local is also a loyalty platform with the goal to achieve a sustainable world with prosperity for all.

The 2local platform has the following features:

🧡 Payment app with exchange options.

🧡 Debit card.

🧡 Decentralized multi-currency wallet, with the option to import own wallets.

🧡 Marketplace where consumers can connect with local-2-local and sustainable companies.

🧡 Cashback system which shares the profit of the rising exchange rate with its users.

🧡 Native L2L coin is designed to rise in value by a pre-determined coin flow making use of:
🔸small transfer fee;
🔸selling the L2L coin with discount;
🔸offering selling from the L2L coin to the exchange directly in app;
🔸buying from the exchange with a smart trading algorithm. …

Agriculture and Food in China

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The agriculture and food system in China faces critical challenges that hinder its future sustainability. This is true for both conventional and organic agriculture and food. For 2 local local and organic farming is of particular interest. There is only limited research available on organic production techniques in China. Most of the literature on organic food and farming relate to North America and Europe. In a recent book published by Routledge, Taylor & Francis Group ‘Organic food and farming in China, top-down and bottom-up ecological initiatives’ of Steffanie Scott and others attention is paid to developments in China. …

Airdrop Competition

2local Airdrop with LaToken
2local Airdrop with LaToken

2local Exclusive Airdrop Competition at LATOKEN

Total prize pool of $85000 or 50M L2L tokens.

Start Monday 12 Oct 2020 — End Sunday 8 Nov 2020

Prize pool of $45k will be equally split between every participant who completed 3 mandatory tasks together:
* KYC on LATOKEN passed
* Minimum of $2.50 value of 2local tokens are bought on IEO after Airdrop started.
* User is registered on 2local platform

Prize pool of $40k will be given to the highest buyers of the 2local tokens.

1st highest buyer: $25000 L2L tokens
2nd highest buyer: $10000 L2L tokens
3rd highest buyer : $5000 L2L…



2local is building a loyalty platform to be the first to give the wealth of the blockchain back to the people who use the 2local coin (L2L).

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