2LC trading begins on Bitrue as 2local locks most of their tokens

5 min readJul 13, 2021


2local reached another milestone on their roadmap towards creating an eco-friendly marketplace with a mission for prosperity for all, including largely neglected local companies. Many milestones have already been reached, and many more will be in the upcoming months. The most recent achievement is a piece of exciting news for all traders who search for new crypto pairs to invest in and day trade. 2Local have listed their token 2LC on the innovative and fast-growing crypto exchange Bitrue. From the 1st of June, all crypto fans and traders can start trading 2 pairs with 2LC; 2LC/USDT and 2LC/BTC.

What is 2local, and how it differs from the rest?

2local is a fast-growing and eco-friendly fintech company from the Netherlands. It is also a loyalty platform that supports sustainability and prosperity for all. Its motto, “of the people, by the people, for the people,” clearly focuses on cooperation between local companies and ordinary people that use the companies’ products. This synergy supports both local economies and global one. And that it is a crucial distinctive feature, which makes 2local stand out among other companies.

It also takes away the power from multinational corporations, which are primarily driven by greed and encourage a one-way street relationship with smaller companies, consumers, and even governments. The company operates a cashback system that helps sustainable and local-to-local companies and grants everybody access to the companies’ products through innovative blockchain technology.

What does the 2local cashback system look like?

There is more than one characteristic that makes the cashback system stand out. Let’s see how the cashback system operates at a glance.

● You can buy 2LC-tokens in an app. Furthermore, find the connected companies in the same app. And then buy their goods or services.

● Connected Company receives 2LC-tokens in Staking Pool in 7 or 30 days (Connected Company decision).

● Connected Company receives 2LC-tokens, including affiliated rewards.

● Profit of Staking Pools and Yield Farms in the Cashback System.

● Cashback after 7 or 30 days, depending on the choice of Connected Company.

● Connected Company swaps or sells the 2LC-tokens at the 2local Exchange.

Why did 2local choose to list their token on Bitrue Exchange?

2local wants to give 2LC a lot of exposure and make their token as liquid and accessible as possible to the crypto trading community and all the hodlers. Bitrue is one of the first exchanges that fits the purpose, with many more coming later. Firstly, Bitrue is a rapidly-growing crypto exchange. Despite not being well known, it currently takes 69 place among top crypto exchanges in the world. It has excellent liquidity, an active community of traders and entirely fits other requirements of an exchange where you can open an account hassle-free and start trading cryptocurrencies, including 2LC.

Furthermore, A group of blockchain enthusiasts who created the exchange focused on cryptocurrency trading in mind when they thought about the key feature of their service.

The mission of Bitrue is to provide a secure and expedient service for cryptocurrency trading and grow into the leading aggregator of best cryptocurrencies all over the world.

On top of that, Bitrue has a lot of advantages:

● The managers and the team include security experts who are well known for their professionalism internationally.

● The platform has a state-of-the-art multi-level clustering structure, a cold wallet with an ironclad security system.

● International offices in the US, Europe, and the Asia Pacific.

Apart from 2local native exchanges, Bitrue is one of the many exchanges that 2loal plans to list their tokens on. They are cooperating with more exchanges

and specific programs to boost 2local.

2local is locking a significant part of their tokens

After an IEO (initial exchange offering), companies often lock some amount of cryptocurrency tokens for a defined period of time. During this period, the tokens cannot be transacted or traded. This approach is used as a precautionary strategy to maintain a stable long-term value of a particular digital asset. It will likely prevent the investors who have a large number of tokens to sell them all at once, which, in turn, would engender a sharp and dramatic fall in prices.

Enormous sell-offs often follow the end of ICOs, and IEOs, because early investors (sometimes the project’s team) start unleashing their holdings when the cryptocurrency is released in the market. Needless to say, it results in crashes of price across the board. So token lockups is a way to stop this from happening. Furthermore, the preemptive measure adds an extra level of confidence to the investors who participate in the IEO.

2local is long-term focused. Sustainability and customer satisfaction remain critical objectives for the company. Therefore, they have decided to lock up the majority of their tokens, so no team member will be able to access their tokens before the lockup period ends. The team expects this will enhance positive sentiment about the 2local project. Similarly, it will increase trust for investors and traders, as they will see the project as a long term one and not a quick cash in scheme. In the long run, this strategy should stop investors’ from agonizing about the market value of the 2LC token.

Trade 2LC on Bitrue

2local is inviting traders to Bitrue to trade the native coin 2LC. As has been stated, there currently are 2 pairings: 2LC/BTC and 2LC/USDT. The trading volumes have been picking up since the listing on the 1st of June. And they are expected to increase even more in the upcoming months, with more milestones reached and more traders joining the game. Volatility will lead to sharper moves, which will enable traders to earn more.

Similarly, locked tokens will result in scarcity of the 2LC, which will transpose in higher prices of the token. It means traders will be able to capitalize on both short-term and long-term moves. Do not hesitate to take advantage of the opportunity to trade/invest in the pairs on Bitrue. Register and start trading.



More about 2local project on: https://2local.io/




2local is building a loyalty platform to be the first to give the wealth of the blockchain back to the people who use the 2local coin (L2L).