2local Demo DeFi Exchange Goes Live On The 11th of April

5 min readApr 7, 2021


2local, an eco-conscious fintech company from the Netherlands, is about to launch an innovative Blockchain-2.0 powered DeFi Exchange of the same name. Created of the people, by the people, for the people is a slogan that best identifies the mission of 2local. It is built to come up with innovative solutions and apply them to non-profit goals — to contribute to eradicating global poverty and hunger, solve environmental and climate problems. The most recent product — DeFi Exchange — is another step to fulfilling the mission.

More about 2 local

2local is happy to contribute to the growth of a better world, with the sustainable development goals of the UN as its guideline. We strive for thriving communities, societal growth that includes everyone, a sustainable world without malfunctioning of the monetary and economic system, and prosperity for everyone worldwide.

2local is a kind of social banking but without inflation that is a direct product of centralized financing. We create value by encouraging sustainability and providing prosperity for everyone who joins our platform.

2local is the first company that provides a smart marketplace and connects consumers with neighboring companies that produce sustainable goods and services. This supports local sustainable companies and contributes to equality.

Why DeFi Exchange?

The problem with the today’s “free global market” is that it is overrun by large corporations amassing huge wealth for themselves. Fueled by the greed of the powerful, it neglects the needs of society as a whole. With a small group of individuals running the course of a centralized financial system, inequality, poverty, inflation, and other social and economic/financial problems thrive. There must be a decentralized solution.

2local has the answer. Combining a new digital currency system linked which a cashback system and blockchain-driven technology, it connects local communities and businesses. Likewise, it supports local small businesses and provides opportunities for consumers, even those who do not have a bank account, to easily make local purchases at affordable prices and earn a cashback.

Furthermore, a DeFi Exchange:

  • Offers instant trading, due to the absence of intermediaries;
  • It is cost efficient because the trading fees are minimal;
  • You can swap assets at low or at no cost;
  • It is safe because the Exchange is decentralized and there can be no single point of failure.

2local Exchange at a glance

CertiK, an official partner of Binance did a full audit on the L2L-token and gave a near-perfect score, on March 11th, 2021. 95 out of 100 is an excellent score. Only 2 other projects managed to get a higher score. We want to gain the trust of our users and therefore pay attention to the security, efficiency, and functionality of our Exchange!

Features and functionalities of the 2local Exchange

Full Hybrid Exchange — Swap

Centralized and decentralized exchanges have their own limitations. A hybrid crypto exchange combines the best of both worlds and cuts off the drawbacks of both. The hybrid 2local Exchange merges the usability and liquidity of centralized platforms and the anonymity and security of decentralized exchanges. You are in full control of your funds, without any need to hand it over to some custodian. You can also trade digital assets of your choice from your wallet, making the 2local trading marketplace the future generation Exchange.

Revolutionary launchpools — employ your tokens to earn more tokens

A launch pool enables you to use your tokens to earn more tokens, and that is free of charge. That’s an excellent way to earn passive income. It works in a similar way as a savings account. You contribute a specified amount to a specific pool for a specified period of time and earn a predefined Annual Percentage Yield (APY). So, you can see right from the start how much you earn, without any hidden fees.

The amount of tokens you earn daily is proportional to the number of tokens you have subscribed in the pool to the total number of tokens enrolled to the pool.

You can earn the new token over a set period, usually from 7 to 30 days. You can also trade the token after the end of farming or even before (depending on each specific project), which means that you can trade freshly earned tokens. You earn tokens daily and you can claim your pending rewards anytime after 7 days of farming.

This means that you can accumulate coins, before they are listed on 2local Exchange, free of charge. Can it get any better than that? Probably not.

Yield farming — the rocket fuel of DeFi projects on 2local

Yield farming is currently the largest growth accelerator in DeFi. This original concept allows people to earn extra from the cryptocurrencies they own. You can do that by allocating your own tokens to a crypto project for a specific period of time and thereby earning more tokens as a result. In short, yield farming puts your crypto assets to work and generates extra returns on those assets.

This is precisely what 2local yield farming is meant for. Help your favorite crypto startups achieve their mission by investing in their tokens and earn extra returns by yield farming those tokens.

Airdrops — get the tokens of the upcoming projects for free

An airdrop is often used in crypto projects when the issuers of new coins send their tokens to wallet addresses with the intention of increasing awareness of a new virtual coin and project. Usually, these are small amounts of the newly issued tokens, and they are either given for free to the members who register to receive the tokens, or in exchange of some small favor, such as liking a post on social media or reposting it, to promote awareness of the project.

With 2local you can see all upcoming and pending airdrops on the Exchange under the menu icon of “Airdrops” with the status of the airdrops as well as the end date. Take part in this and get the tokens from awesome projects ahead of the rest of the crowd.

Other awesome features of the 2local Exchange

Last but not least, you can do quite a few other amazing things right from your wallet on 2local Exchange. You can send a cryptocurrency of your choice to any address. You can also receive a cryptocurrency from other wallets from any wallet in the blockchain world. Furthermore, you can instantly buy or sell a cryptocurrency of your choice. In addition, you can swap your owned crypto from one to another, say from Ether to Bitcoin or vice versa.


We hope that reading the article piqued your interest in 2local Exchange and that you want to try trading crypto, earn extra tokens through the launch pools and yield farming as well as participate in amazing airdrop campaigns. You can be part of the revolutionary DeFi system that creates equality, sustainability and prosperity for all. Take part in the mission and join 2local by registering on the demo version of Exchange to see the amazing world of crypto for yourself.

See you there: https://exchange-y9nd8.ondigitalocean.app/.




2local is building a loyalty platform to be the first to give the wealth of the blockchain back to the people who use the 2local coin (L2L).