2local Utilizing the new generation of Internet business and a new formula in DeFi projects, it tries to solve one of the most important concerns of humanity. According to the needs of today, systemic life can be a responsive alternative that pays attention to all aspects of a life and can find solutions to its problems.

Realizing this, we have built a project that can make this difficult path easier.

We believed from the beginning that solving economic and lifestyle problems requires having a new key to unlock this old and rusty lock because the solutions that have been offered so far have not been able to end these problems.

2local system designed to fundamentally address the catastrophe that previous systems have created.

When a problem is not solved from the ground up, it will cause many problems, but when we solve it fundamentally, we will not face it anymore.

2local designed to solve these problems, it will forever accompany the people involved in these problems and help change the lifestyles and businesses large and small that we see in different communities.

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2local is building a loyalty platform to be the first to give the wealth of the blockchain back to the people who use the 2local coin (L2L).