2 min readJan 23, 2021

For the people by the people of the people.This is how 2local started.

Our company was founded in 2018 as DCrypto and then renamed in 2019 to 2local.we start working at DCrypto from July 2017.

2local created by a man who was tired from the Inefficient financial systems and existing banking scams. He decided to end their domination with the help of his friends and start a new path. With a lot of effort, they were able to come up with a plan to create a new system with a win-win plan, instead of the old win-lose system that is still found in all financial systems.2local is a financial ecosystem that, in addition to improving the quality of life of people in the financial field, strives to take a new step in the global economy teach everyone for the first time in history that no one has to be a loser in order for us to win. We can also succeed by making others successful.

Also we are brand new DeFi project with new formula to achieve different goals such as sustainable business and create prosperity for all. We are committed to bring sustainability and prosperity by introducing a new opportunity for humanity because we believe all is equal and deserves better Conditions to Progress in their life.

Find something to believe in and when you do pass it on to futureBelieve in what? In 2local because we believe in better future

2local is headquartered in St. Vincent and Grenadines (SVG).


2local is building a loyalty platform to be the first to give the wealth of the blockchain back to the people who use the 2local coin (L2L).