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The key points mentioned by the CEO Mr. Antony in the video AMA are as follows :

1/ The listing on Bitrue exchange on the 1st of June.

2/ 2local platform will be converted from L2L stellar based to 2LC BEP20.

It will be deployed on the 1st of June and the private key will be available as well.

3/ The transfer fees and the profit from the rising exchange rate will be added to the cashback system.

2local Yield Farming and Staking Pools are other sources to generate the cashback.

4/ The current circulating supply (2.5 Billion in total) 1 Billion are locked. The latter (1 Billion) would be unlocked based on the exchange rate, so while it’s good more unlocked and vice versa.

5/ 2local are doing for the marketing core business.

Hence numerous companies would join the 2local community.

In addition, we will have a large phase for marketing.

6/ 2local Debit Card works by a QR code which enables the payments to be with Crypto.

7/ We are working for several Tier 1 exchanges currently and we will inform our community about that.

8/ 2local will announce the listing for (Latoken/Exmarkets/P2PB2B) exchanges.

9/ We have our big investors with locked tokens and the 2local team is ready to buy back as much as tokens needed to keep a rising price rate.

10/ There are 150000 accounts at 2local and around 25000 are holding 2LC tokens.

11/ The users could purchase 2LC tokens from the Bitrue exchange on the 1st of June.

12/ All markets are very important for 2local, including Brazil.

We are doing everything possible for 2local to grow worldwide.

We believe that 2local has great potential for this.

13/ For future airdrops customers will need to buy 2LC in order to earn more 2LC.

14 / Customers who buy from companies connected to 2local will be entitled to cashback in 30 days.

15/ It is necessary to login at 2local in order to be able to create the new wallet, 2LC tokens will be transferred to this new wallet, in the same amount that the user has L2L.

  • 16/ By the end of the year, 2local wants to provide users with a debit card. This card will have a QR code printed on the back.
  • With that, the user will be able to decide which wallet he will connect to that card.
  • 17 / To make transfers, the user needs to have a small amount of BNB. 2local plans to deposit a small amount in users’ wallets so that everyone can make transfers, at this first moment.

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2local is building a loyalty platform to be the first to give the wealth of the blockchain back to the people who use the 2local coin (L2L).