The only true and sustainable prosperity is shared prosperity, and this latter is the one that applies to the 2local loyalty platform.

2local encourages sustainable and local-to-local active companies, while they could become linked Companies.

2local users can utilize the MarketPlace option by using the 2local Android and iOS App to participate with these enterprises and benefit from the 2local cashback system.

People who purchase goods from 2local connected companies would receive a cashback reward once a month.

The transfer fees and the profit from the rising exchange rate will be added to the cashback system.

2local Yield Farming and Staking Pools are other sources to generate the cashback.

2local doesn’t profit from its users but creates value with them.

While Yield Farming focuses on gaining the highest yield (2LC) possible, staking concentrates on helping 2local network to stay secure while earning high rewards at the same time.

2local is building a loyalty platform to be the first to give the wealth of the blockchain back to the people who use the 2local coin (L2L).